Monday, 26 September 2011


Some fab work ! The act of examining or the state of being examiend.

This is my portrait  work inspired by Kate Moss as shot by Corinne Day.
I really like the simplicity of the shots it really shows personality of the person in the photo.
I did change the brightness in the photos to 88 which i think it needed just to brighten them up as the light was making the subject washed out but now with the nice worm glow just brings another level to the image.

Monday, 19 September 2011

I screem for icecreem

This photo reminds me of when I was little and I always had an ice cream when I went to town.

My babys a builder.

This was a comical observation of mine I really like how something that is used for safety can be made it to a gag gift.

Which way ?

I rally like this view i think it has a very small village feel to it that's why I like it.

P is for parking>

I liked the urban look to this photo I was interested with how the light fell on the wall and lit it up.

5 photos of Chesterfield

This was as we were leaving college I really liked the image of the 2 lady's who were very nicely dressed walking up a dark and dingy.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

William Eggleston

Photo by William Eggleston
This photo is so ordinary that one would wounder why i like it, well for starters i like that its so ordinary that it makes you think about were it could be from? What country? Then i start to picture a seen in my head like a movie seen and that's why i like this photo. 

Martin Parr

Photo by Martin Parr 
I really connected to this photo as it reminds me of when i go on holiday to Norfolk were you see every one relaxing and entertaining the children.


A photo by Meyerowitz 
This photo really appealed to me because of the bright vivid colours and the coca cola sign as it takes me back to when i went to America.
This photo was taken in North block 2 i took this because i really like the mirror in that room and i like how the light was streeming in through the window i also was interested in capturing people as they were working.
I though that this photo was a very different one i tyred to get a photo of the library that no one else would have but sill capturing the essence of the library.
This is my favorite photo of all of the ones i took when walking round college it was taken in side west block. I just love it becaus of the dappled lighting that siluets the vines that creeping over the windowes and the harsh light of the fluorescent light that reminds me of a hospital.
Again sorry for the angle of the photo i could not change it.
This photo is out side of west block i took it because i liked the fact that it looks old and abandoned i think it has good texture and colour.
This photo was taken in student services i wanted to capture people working and going about there day i also wanted to get a different view and angel that's why this photo is at a skewed angel.
This is a photo of the underside of some stairs in the dome although i must appolagise for the orantashion of the photo as i was unable to tern it round.
I have taken this photo because its a different way of looking at stairs as you do not see may photos of them from the back.
I thought that it was a new creative way of looking at them.